FAUVIST is a web-based art shop bringing together a love of art and wildlife. FAUVIST asks artists to select a wild animal they’d like to support through the purchase of their work- half of each sale goes to the artist, 40 percent to an organization that best supports their selected animal, and 10 percent stays with FAUVIST for site management and spreading the word. It’s as if the animals are running a gallery!

FAUVIST is named after Fauvism, the 'wild beast' art movement of the early 1900s. Our intention is to provide a new place to find unique artwork and to connect both artists and art buyers to wildlife issues and organizations devoted to animal conservation. 

Art purchases ship within a week, directly from the artist with a note of greeting and authentication. We're happy to answer any inquiries you might have about the process. If you'd like to join our cause and submit artwork to FAUVIST, please email us at fauvist.org@gmail.com. 


About Us

Jeanie Kirk

Jeanie Kirk is a nonprofit consultant from the East Coast who decided the west is best. Jeanie now lives in Portland, Oregon by way of San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Buenos Aires, and Joshua Tree. Jeanie completed her master’s in climate change studies at Columbia University in 2010 and then joined The Nature Conservancy and for four years served as program manager for California’s Corporate and Foundation Relations team an enviable crash course in philanthropy and fundraising. After working on and grappling with environmental challenges for the beginning of her professional life, this Portland chapter is decidedly more art-focused. Jeanie has a BA from University of Richmond, where she almost finished her art minor. She loves eating and preparing food, her community, and walking up hills so she can feel small.



Rachel Corry

Rachel Corry is a sandal-maker and shoemaking instructor living in Portland, Oregon. Rachel studied Art at UCLA and went on to spend nine years working in the front-of-house at the famous Tartine Bakery in San Francisco, organizing the art shows there for many years. She founded her shoe company Rachel Sees Snail Shoes in 2010, as well as the organic underwear company Pansy with Laura Schoorl in 2013. Rachel shares a home with Basil the cat. She loves reading, drawing, and watching films.