We want to share our new project with you and ask if you’d like to participate. It’s called FAUVIST – named after Fauvism, the 'wild beast' art movement of the 1900s. We (Rachel and Jeanie) share a love of animals big and small, and want to create a new, easy way to support wild creatures. So we’re curating an art web-shop to support both artists and wild animals. Artists choose an animal species to sponsor with half of their sales. FAUVIST facilitates the donation process. Buyers receive a piece of unique artwork and the satisfaction that they’re helping wildlife.

The FAUVIST website will function as an online shop for current artwork. We ask contributing artists to choose either a pre-existing work, create a new work, or execute a piece inspired by this project or a particular animal. Pieces don’t need to be animal related, however. 50 percent of an art sale goes to the artist, 40 percent to support a vetted wildlife organization matching an animal of the artist’s choice, and 10 percent to FAUVIST for site maintenance and promotion. We want this to be as simple as possible for you – possibly an opportunity to make something outside your usual practice, share something that you might not otherwise, or expose your work to a new audience.

We hope FAUVIST will empower artists to make an impact: by sharing their concern for animal species survival within their communities, and by sending needed funding to wildlife organizations. We look forward to hearing from you!

With excitement, Rachel + Jeanie

Selling Art with FAUVIST:

50% + shipping fees to the artist

40% will go to the selected wildlife conservation group

10% for FAUVIST site fees, stripe fees, and promotion

Choosing or making a piece:

Artists can make work inspired by their animal sponsee, or alternatively, all artwork new and old is appreciated.

Works on paper, canvas, sculpture, ceramic, collage: all wonderful. Prints and editions are a great choice. We’re not currently seeking apparel or products.

We encourage you to submit several pieces to FAUVIST, or make it a reoccurring part of your practice.

Info to email to FAUVIST:

1. Your name, and a website to find more of your work.

2. Animal you’d like your proceeds to go to. (eg. Bird of Paradise, Orangutan, Panda, Newt, etc). Jeanie and Rachel will diligently determine which organization best supports your animal sponsee. Specific org recommendations are welcome!

3. Brief statement about why you chose the animal you did or your relationship to that animal.

4. Title, Materials, Dimensions.

5. Price of Piece (this you will share with your animal) + Estimated Shipping cost.

6. 4 pictures of your piece.

7. Address (for mailing the FAUVIST form and sticker when your piece sells).

8. Preferred form of payment (PayPal, Square, Venmo, Check, etc.).

Photographing work:

Please photograph your piece on a white background in natural light. Send images as jpeg files, at a resolution of min 100 dpi. Phone-photos OK!

1. head-on, showing whole piece

2. head-on, showing whole piece including wall/background

3. detail

4. context to show scale


Artist sets price. Pricing goals are between $100 - $1000. Do your best to estimate shipping costs. If work is framed and you plan on keeping it that way, photograph it framed and include the price of the frame in the overall price.


Shipping fees will also go to the artist who will pack and ship their piece with a FAUVIST provided form + sticker. We recommend USPS priority mail (approx. $10 - $40).

Thanks again and we hope to hear from you soon! Please send images and info to rachelpeanutbutter@gmail.com or fauvist.org@gmail.com (checked less often)